How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

I love reading. It’s been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember and I love nothing more than getting lost in another world built by someone’s words. It’s something I even talk about occasionally on here too.

If you’re also a lover of books then you’ll understand the upset and torment I feel when I find myself in a reading slump. It’s such an awful feeling to have suddenly lost the joy from one of your favourite pastimes and is, unfortunately, something that happens more often than I’d like.

However, fortunately for this blog, because I have experienced the reading slump regularly (n fact just pulled myself out of one recently!) I feel like I can actually be of some help to those of you who might be struggling!

Here are the ways I work to pull myself out of a draught and bring myself back to where I want to be – reading:


Abandoning a book can be a difficult thing if you love reading. Trust me I get it. For some reason you feel guilty, because you know that someone somewhere spent hours, days, weeks on that book and the least you could do would be to see it through to the end.

But then I finally saw sense. What’s the point in carrying on reading something that isn’t bringing you joy? There are so many other books out there!

If you’re in a reading slump, chances are it was brought on by something you’ve been reading. That doesn’t mean to say it isn’t a good book or even something that you won’t enjoy eventually, but right now it isn’t working so you might as well stop.

Put the book away and forget about it for now- you can always return later when the time is right. Allow yourself the chance to find something better.


Whenever I’m in a reading slump, I tend to reach for chick-lit because somehow it saves me every time. This is something I only realised recently, but those feel-good, quick reads pull me out of a draught and helps me fall back in love with books again.

Now maybe chick-lit isn’t your thing, but there’s bound to be a genre out there that you love and that you know you enjoy every time. It could be memoir, fantasy, self-help and so on. The list is endless!

Next time you find yourself in a slump, reach for something that’s in your genre of choice and see if it helps. Reading something familiar, that’s still a brand new story, is sure to help you get back on track.


Some reading slumps are so deep that nothing will pull you out in a hurry. So why not listen to yourself and stop reading for a bit?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, so take a break. Leave your books on the shelf and dive into another hobby for the time being. Hopefully after some time away you’ll feel fresh and inspired to begin reading once again!


Booktube is the YouTube community dedicated to reading, with countless of creators making content based on their love of books. I personally think it’s a wonderful space on the internet and is one that has helped me from time to time.

When you’re in a slump have a browse through the various vloggers and bloggers out there who are dedicated to books. Their passion and pure joy for the hobby is sure to inspire you.

They’ll show you what you’ve been missing and you’ll begin to see things in a better light, all of which such get you back into reading once more.

Check out the materials at the end for my favourite booktubers who have helped me.


Similarly to finding a favourite genre, returning to a once loved book can really help you get back into the hobby again.

For me, I will always return to Jacqueline Wilson who was my favourite author growing up. Sure the books are a little young for me now, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less! Returning back into these stories that meant so much to me years ago reminds me how much I actually enjoy reading and motivates me to do it more.

When you can’t seem to find anything new to grab your attention, I urge you to seek out your out favourites and try them once again.


Now, I have to be honest here and say this one isn’t something I have much experience with but I do understand how helpful it can be. Personally, audio books aren’t really my thing (yet!) but if you’re just not into reading at the moment, listening to someone read is a wonderful way to still be engaged in the hobby without doing any of the work!

You could even listen to books you’ve already read previously and see if they feel any different in this format. Audio books may also be a great opportunity for you to discover new stories that you mightn’t have even considered before, as things can be more easily understood if someone else is explaining it to you.

Either way I know audio books have been very helpful to others in the past and they may just work the same for you.

Stephen King

Do you have any tips for getting out of a reading slump? Also, what’s your favourite book?

I feel like I kind of went back into my original type of content today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me know if any of these tips were helpful to you, if you fancy.

Speak soon,



(Favourite Booktubers)




Ariel Bissett 


10 Steps To Refresh and Reboot Your Body

Do you know those days where you just feel a bit ‘meh’? For some reason you just don’t feel 100% and it’s getting in the way of everything you’re trying to do.

Well, here are 10 little steps you can take to feeling refreshed, rebooted and ready to tackle that to-do list once again:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Wash, condition and brush your hair
  3. Lather yourself in a fresh smelling soap, my personal favourite scents are citrus ones. They make me feel so clean and ready to take on anything.
  4. Exfoliate and/or shave what needs doing
  5. Moisturise your body, head to toe. This is especially important in the winter!
  6. Wear your favourite PJs or comfies
  7. Put on a face mask
  8. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. I find it hard to do anything when I feel a mess.
  9. Make sure the space you are in is warm and clean
  10. Get yourself your favourite hot drink


Then you’re ready to take on anything, my friends. At least this is what normally works for me. What helps you feel refreshed and rebooted?

Speak soon,


How To: NOT Stress Out!

It’s that time of year again. When the rest of the world is preparing for Christmas and all that madness, students everywhere are surrounded by deadlines and exam preparation. How are we to cope?

First things first, get some sleep. If you’re stressing over something your sleep pattern will be effected. It’s just when you’re about to doze off that everything catches up with you and circles around your head and stops you from getting the sleep you need.

When you’re preparing for a deadline or an exam, be extra conscious to get that eight hours of recommended sleep you need. It’ll help you think clearer and concentrate easier, which will make your studying that little less painful.

Secondly, as obnoxious and obvious as this sounds, just take a second to stop what you’re doing and breathe. When you’re getting all wound up and worried your body tends to overreact with you. So take a second to stop and focus on your breathing.

Breathe in slowly and gently, hold it for a count to ten and then breathe out in the same, slow way. Taking a second to do this will give you a break and allow you to sort your head out as well as your lungs.

Now, let’s bring someone else into the picture. When you’re worried or stressing, it often seems like the safest option is to keep it all to yourself. But in fact, this is probably one of the worst things you can do. Talking to those around you about how you’re feeling can actually be a big help as it will enable you to get that support you really do need in times like this.

You’ll often find that if you talk to those around you many people are probably going through a very similar situation. This not only helps you realise that you’re not the only one, and therefore making your worries seem that little bit smaller, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity for you to all rally around and help each other out.

Finally, siting in one spot for hours on end stressing over your work and revision is not a good idea. Even if you do everything else that has been suggested, it just won’t work if you’re stuck in the same place where your stress lies.

So, take a break. Physically move away from wherever you are and just stop for a second. Being in the same environment for hours on end will drive you mad and make it harder for you to concentrate, so give your mind and body a rest and walk away from it for a little while.

Taking a break, whether that be going for a little stroll outside; making a cup of tea or whatever it is that will get you to move doesn’t have to take a lot of time. But it will make such a difference. Once you’ve got your head cleared, you’ll find it much easier to crack on and make better use of your time.

University can be a nightmare sometimes. There is always so much going on in both your studies and social life that it can feel impossible to do it all, succeed and have a good time. But you can, I promise!


DISCLAIMER: This post is a piece I wrote for an assignment at university. All of it is my own ideas and my own words but just to let you know this is something I have also handed in to be assessed. But I thought it worked well here on this blog and hopefully can be helpful to some of you!

Speak soon,