3 Books To Make 2019 The Best Yet | What I’m Reading Wednesday

Just let me say it once, and then I promise I’ll try not to again – I can’t believe 2018 is almost over!

Honestly, as I get older the years just seem to be going quicker and quicker. It’s a bit scary to be honest, but it can also be a positive thing.

The start of a new year is the ultimate fresh start! I am one of those people who get so excited about starting over and I vow every year that this one will be better.

One of my favourite ways to get inspired, motivated and generally excited about a new year is by seeing how other people do it. I’m a nosy person anyway, but looking at how other people do things or listening to their advice is a great way to get inspired.

Today I’ve got three amazing books (all by amazing women!) to help inspire, motivate and uplift you as we enter the new year.

1. The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck : Sarah Knight*

This was one of the first books I read in 2018 and it certainly gave me a lot to think about!

If you’ve been here before then you will know that I am a terrible over-thinker. I spend far too much time worrying about what other people think and how to best please them. Safe to say, Knight wasn’t having any of that.

This book is a hilarious and refreshing take on self-help. There’s so much advice and lessons involved, but there’s also activities and actionable steps to help change your mindset.

2. Witch : Lisa Lister

This actually was my very first read of 2018 and it was such a fun way to start off the new year.

I’ve spent some time exploring spirituality through 2018 as I am so fascinated by it, and it was this book that inspired the whole thing. I have to admit that I did prefer the first half of the book more as this is where I feel as though the real advice and information is, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

It’s certainly a good read if you’re looking to change your mindset in 2019 and will give you a lot to think about. Lisa has such an easy-to-read writing style so this book will be suitable for a lot of different people.

3. Body Positive Power : Megan Jayne Crabbe*

I’ve already talked about this book before (see here) but I couldn’t resist bringing it up again. I’d say if you’re going to read any one of these books on this list, then you must pick this one.

Megan is an absolutely wonderful person who you may have seen on Instagram. She is basically the Queen of body positivity and her words will help each and every one of you out there.

If you want to improve your relationship with yourself, food, excerise and others in 2019 then please read this book. You deserve a little more loving and Megan will help you get there.

What goals are you setting for 2019?

All the best for the new year, friends! I hope you stay safe, happy and healthy.

Speak soon,


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Top 5 Mysterious Reads Of 2018 | What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’ve read a lot of pretty great books this year! Now is the time for me to get all reflective and attempt to make a big decision; what was my favourite book of 2018?

But while I’m not at that stage yet, I do have five incredible reads to share with you today.

By documenting my reading and my ratings for each book for the first time this year, I have discovered a pattern within what I like. I’ve discovered that my favourite kinds of books are mysterious reads. Those kinds of books where you normally have to wait until the end before everything falls in place.

I don’t really know why this is the case, but I do know that I’ve read some pretty great mysterious books so maybe that’s where the bias comes from.

Anyway, here’s my top five mysterious reads of 2018*:

1. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine : Gail Honeyman

I read this book pretty early on in the year when it was making its rounds through the supermarket charts, and I simply adored it. Eleanor has quickly become one of my all time favourite characters and her story is just breathtakingly beautiful.

It’s ultimately a story about hope, recovery and making a fresh start – basically my favourite themes to a novel!

2. The Room By The Lake : Emma Dibdin

This was one of those books I picked up on a whim from a bargain book shop and had no idea that it would become one of my favourite reads of the year!

Without giving too much away, after all that’s the beauty of these stories, this book is the story of a girl who accidentally gets herself caught up in some kind of ‘retreat’ (read: cult).

It’s pretty dark and a very visceral story, at times I thought I could actually feel what the main character was going through.

3. Sharp Objects : Gillian Flynn

This is the most recent read from this list, despite the fact it’s been out for ages. I finally read Gone Girl in 2018 and immediately after wanted to try more of Flynn’s work.

I managed to grab a copy of this at a bargain book shop and simply devoured it. I know Flynn is kind of a divisive author, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read from her. This book in particular was so upsetting and dark, which is everything I love!

4. Everything I Never Told You : Celeste Ng

This book combines two of my favourite things in one; a mysterious read and unsolved mystery.

It is an incredibly moving and somewhat suffocating story of a Chinese-American family who’s daughter is found dead in a local lake. The story not only works to discover what happened to this character, but also goes so in depth with the family and every single detail is revealed.

It’s one of those slow-burn reads, but I couldn’t put it down. I simply had to know what happened to Lydia, even though it broke my heart.

5. After Me Comes The Flood : Sarah Perry

2018 really has been the year of bargain books for me! This was another amazing find in the sale section of a bookstore.

I don’t really know what attracted me to it at first, but when I read the blurb and found that it was about a man who simply walks away from his life, I knew I had to have it.

This one is certainly a slow-burn and the way the characters are it can sometimes feel frustrating to get through. Everyone is so eccentric and you know there’s more to the situation than they’re letting on, but it is so worth the wait.

If you’re a fan of cults and those kinds of organisations, this one has some of those dark overtones to it.

Those were some of my favourite reads of this year, from my new-found favourite genre.

If you have any recommendations of books you think I would like, please share!

Speak soon,


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How Do You Rate Books? | What I’m Reading Wednesday

I read an awful lot. As I mentioned in a post a long time (this one here) 2017 was the first time I actually recorded every book I read. I’ve stepped it up a little bit this year and finally started rating my books too.

I watch a lot of booktubers (that’s people who talk about books online basically) and they all seem to use a particular website to record and review their books. I don’t. I just simply use a note-taking app on my phone to record everything I feel about the book as soon as I’ve finished it.

Rating books is a personal thing and there are so many different ways to do it. I thought I’d talk a little bit today about the system I’ve got going on at the minute. It’s not perfect, but it’s also not really for anyone else’s eyes but my own.

I’d also love to know how you rate your reading, if at all, and how you keep track of it all!


I started recording everything I read last year so I’m still pretty new to it all. I certainly haven’t developed a flawless system for myself but I have made something simple and that is easy to keep up with.

Here’s how I do it: I have a specific note on Evernote (a great and simplistic note-taking app. The basic options is free on most networks) where I write down the title of the book and the author. At least, that’s all I did throughout 2017. To mix things up a bit this year I’ve been adding ratings to the books as well.

This system – if you can even call it that – certainly is the most simple way to approach recording your reading. I may adapt it in the future to be more organised, as at the moment its just one long list. But hey it works for me and that’s all that matters!


The easiest way I’ve found to rate my books is using numbers. I basically just copied off everyone else on the internet and I now rate my books out of five after each read. This includes half numbers too, ie. 3.5/5.

I don’t really know why I took this route but it’s simple enough to get going and, as I said in the introduction, my ratings are just for me. I’m still pretty new to recording what I’m reading and I think its so interesting to be able to look back and remember everything I’ve read throughout the year. It’s even more so now I am able to remember exactly what I thought about the book!

My system works as you’d imagine; 1/5 means I didn’t enjoy the book at all and 5/5 means I absolutely loved it. As for the books that are rated somewhere in the middle, well it kind of changes every time. It’s not a perfect or accurate rating system but I kind of understand myself enough to figure it out. Most of the books I complete stand between a 3/5 or 4/5 rating, although I have been lucky this year and managed to find some awesome 5/5 books.

I rate my books immediately if possible, so that means over time the rating might go up or down depending on my reflections. I think the moment you finish a book is normally the clearest so that’s why I try to do all of my reviews and ratings then.


Something that I have carried over from last year is comments. Next to the books I’ve read I normally make a couple of comments about how it made me feel, what I liked or disliked etc.

Because my number ratings aren’t the most accurate at times I find these comments really helpful when I’m looking back. I read that much that I normally forget what I read a few months ago, so keeping track of not only the author and title but what I thought about it normally helps jog my memory.

These comments, which will sometimes only be one or two words, will help me should I decide to do reviews in the future too!


On The Beach: Nevil Shute

Currently Ready 7.11.18.jpg

This book has been on my list of ones to look out for for a few months now. I was planning on getting it second-hand when my mam informed me we already had a copy! I haven’t managed to get as far along as I’d like because I’ve been so busy recently but I am enjoying it a lot.

What are you reading right now?

I’m really enjoying making this series as and when I feel like it. The scheduele hasn’t gone to plan so well, but we’re still here. I hope you stick around to see what else I come up with.

If you like my bookish content, check out my Instagram. I normally update this with what I’m reading pretty often.

Speak soon,


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Six Badass Babes You Need Advice From | What I’m Reading Wednesday

For a period of time all I read were self – help books. I can’t remember what one got me started, but I was hooked within no time. I really enjoy getting advice from others and a particular favourite mentor is a woman who is slightly older than me.

Books can be an amazing way to get advice and find inspiration to change things up. I often turn to reading when I need some answers or I’m simply looking for some reassurance. Here are six awesome books by some badass women that will change your life, for sure:


Sarah Millican is my all time favourite comedian and I couldn’t wait to pick up her book. It’s a memoir about her childhood and her career so far, but interspersed with advice and life lessons. It’s a lovely, cosy, reassuring read!

The best lesson: There is nothing wrong with the hobbies, ideas and routines I have. Just because I do things differently doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Heavily inspired my post about accepting my boring personality.


I adore Laura Jane Williams and all the things she posts on Instagram. I think she is a wonderfully intelligent, witty and approachable writer and this book came to me at the right time in my life. It’s a self – help book about slowing things down and deals with Laura’s recovery from a burn out.

The best lesson: Stripping things back to basics is the best way to recover. Inspired by the behaviours of children and how they don’t overthink things, being kind and excited about as much as you can (including yourself) is a better way to live life.


I’ve already talked about this book multiple times on this blog, and it is probably one of my most influential reads ever. This was my first venture into feminism and Caitlin is such a funny and accessible author it was an absolute joy to learn with her.

The best lesson: There is nothing wrong with you or the way your body is. This whole book is an exploration into the ‘secrets’ women kept, such as periods and masturbation, and hearing other people talk and joke about these things makes you feel so safe and accepted.


This is one of the most recent reads on this list and it is massively helping me in my recovery from mental health issues. Brene talks a lot about vulnerability and shame and how to simply accept whatever emotions you are feeling, in order to be able to deal with them more effectively.

The best lesson: That in order to truly love yourself you must accept all parts of you. Even those things that you may have been ashamed about in the past, the various different versions of you – all of it adds up to make who you are today and you should be proud.


If you don’t already follow Megan (aka bodyposipanda) on Instagram then I don’t really know what you’re doing with yourself. Megan is an absolute goddess and holds all the wisdom to accepting and loving your body, regardless of shape, size and even health.

The best lesson: Your body is not, and has never been the issue. By looking into the way this society has always treat bodies that are not slim, we can be finally start make changes for a better future. Education is empowering and will result in self love.


I have explored spirituality a lot this year and it is certainly something that has helped me in dark moments. This book is a really easy read and Rebecca has such a comforting tone throughout. It’s a beginners guide to intuition and soul work and it is guaranteed to make you see things differently.

The best lesson: There is great power in simplicity. The key to knowing yourself and unlocking your power is simply listening and being in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading.jpg

Last night I started reading The Selection by Kiera Cass, which is a YA trilogy that I’ve heard so much about online. I picked up the first book a long time ago for just over a quid at a charity shop and then, while out pottering last weekend, managed to get the rest of the series for very cheap.

I’m proper in the mood for some cheesy, classic YA and this one so far is giving me exactly what I want! Let’s hope I continue to enjoy it!

What are you currently reading?

Speak soon,


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What I’m Reading Wednesday | A THRILLING Beginning

Hello and welcome to a new series that I’m attempting to produce for this little blog! As you might have guessed, if you’ve been here before or follow me on Instagram, I love books. But as much as I love them I can’t find a decent way to bring them to this site.

I’m going to try every fortnight to talk to you about the books I’m currently reading; what I’ve been buying and basically anything bookish that comes to mind. This week, as a starter I’m going to talk about four of my most recent reads because, for once, they’re all linked in genre.


I read this one a couple of weeks back after picking it up in a ‘three for a fiver’ deal at a bargain bookshop. It’s one of the first crime books I’ve read in a long time! It covers the story of a missing little girl and deals with family secrets, which is one of my favourite themes in books. I found it an engaging read and the twist, although a little predictable, was interesting.

Another bargain buy, but unfortunately I enjoyed this one a little bit less. Along the same kind of theme theme, this book covers some family secrets (I told you I love that!) and involved a bit of kidnapping too. I was first attracted to this book because my edition was a nice, floppy paperback which excited me no end! The writing was very accessible but I found too many tropes to be fully engaged. I did get into it by the end, however, and found myself rooting for the fairly two-dimensional characters nonetheless.

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a long time! I was so excited to get it after being followed around by it’s Instagram advert – oh the powers of social media! – and to be totally honest it was the title that captivated me. If you’ve ever read any one of my book posts before then you’ll know I love a bit of YA – especially when it’s done well. Although this book did have a lot of cliches to it, I found myself getting hooked into the mystery and was desperate to know who had killed Simon.

  • The Virus : Sarah Langan (4.5/5)

I’ve talked about this book a little on my Instagram, but boy did I just devour it! I haven’t read something like this – creepy and mysterious – since I was a young teen and I didn’t realise how much I missed it. The story takes place in a small town where a young boy goes missing in the woods. When he returns, he brings with him a strange virus. I don’t really know why I loved this book so much, but I found myself delaying finishing it because I just didn’t want it to end! For fans of Stephen King and the like, it’s perfect for this grey, autumn season.


I don’t know if it’s something to do with the changing seasons or the fact we’re now officially in the ‘spooky’ month, but thrillers have been my favourite thing to read at the moment.

This genre is something I used to read a lot when I was a teenager, but I haven’t found anything that’s tickled my fancy until now. My biggest bug bear with this genre is the fact all the books seem to be the same. They’re often written in the same style and follow the same patterns, but luckily I’ve found a few exceptions to get me back into the swing of things.

Now I’d love to know what you’re favourite crime/thriller books are? I have a couple of recommendations already but I’d love any excuse to find more books.

What’s your favourite genre to read?


CUrrently Reading 1.jpg

As I’m writing this post, I have just started reading The Bees by Laline Paull. This is another charity shop find and I first heard about it from a lady called Becky M on YouTube. I’m not that far into it yet, but it covers the story of a bee in her hive…

I thought that sounded pretty unique for a novel and I’m sure it’s going to cover a lot more than what I’m expecting!

What are you currently reading? 

I’d like to try continue this series, covering all kinds of bookish topics every fortnight. I adore books and have finally found my mojo again! I can’t wait to keep this conversation going.

Speak soon,


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The ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ Book Haul: A Showcase

As I’ve already discussed I have recently graduated from university and I am currently still trying to get into the swing of a new life. I’m living with my parents again, in my childhood home, and I have recently started a new job. There’s a lot of things I’m trying to wrap my head around.

What’s a bookworm to do when there’s all this going on?

You already know how much I love books and how much I have relied on them in the past to allow me to escape, figure things out and so on. So it seems kind of obvious that I’ve been buying a lot of them! However, this time around I’m returning to some of my old childhood favourites- because is it really a life crisis if you aren’t stuck in the past?

Here’s a handful of the books I picked up on a recent second-hand shop and, as you’ll be able to tell, the majority of them are children’s. But for 10p each, how could I resist?


Cookie: Jacqueline Wilson

Opal Plumstead: Jacqueline Wilson

The Longest Whale Song: Jacqueline Wilson

Animals: Emma Jane Unsworth

Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging: Louise Rennison

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: J.K Rowling

Now the odd one out in this list is, of course, Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth which I picked up purely for the quote by Caitlin Moran on the front. I love Caitlin’s work and thought I might as well trust her opinion. Plus it was only 10p!

I might have mentioned it before but Jacqueline Wilson was my favourite author growing up and whenever I find one her books that I don’t own, going cheap I have to buy them. Yes I’m twenty one, but I’m sure I’ll still give them a go.

And finally, I picked up was it probably at least, my third copy of Harry Potter. I have owned this book a couple of times in my life but (prepare yourself kids) I have never read any of them!

As a kid I missed out on the whole hype as my brother and I weren’t really interested. But recently I have started watching the films with my boyfriend and I wanted to give the books a try to see what I’ve been missing.


Yes, the crisis is definitely in full swing! But I’m going to really enjoy reliving my younger days with these books and getting lost in all the nostalgia.

What was your favourite childhood book? Do you ever revisit it?

Speak soon,


A Bargain Book Haul: Showcase

Like I mentioned in this post I’ve been buying a few books here and there to celebrate the fact I have more time to read now I’m a graduate. Today I thought I’d showcase my latest purchases, because who doesn’t love a good book haul?

I find that book hauls are a great way to see what other people’s tastes are, get recommendations as well as just seeing what’s out there right now. So without further ado, here are the books I’ve bought recently.


I’m going to divide this post up through the places I bought the books. 


The Works.jpg

I love the Works. It’s a chain bargain stationary/bookstore here in the UK and one has recently opened up in my city centre. They always have an offer on for three books for a fiver and after an admittedly long browse, I came away with these.

I’ve already read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and have just recently abandoned Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, which I think is a good indication of how that went!

Admittedly, I bought the third book, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, just to make up the five pound deal which is probably why I haven’t got round to trying it yet. But this is one of her most current books, I believe, and I have heard good things about the author so I’m hoping it’ll be canny. If you’ve read it, please let me know your thoughts.



Just one purchase from Amazon this time. This is the first book in the series by Victoria Aveyard. As you can tell, I picked up the second book in The Works and didn’t realise until I got home. I picked up this one for cheap on Amazon so I could get into it, and I’ve already read it.

If I’m totally honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this series and as I’ve already explained I’ve just given up getting through Glass Sword.



I explained in this post how much I love purchasing second hand books from markets and charity shops. I managed to get a couple of interesting reads from a local market and charity shops, including this signed copy of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell!


I recently read Red Hill by Jamie Mcguire, which is a book I heard of from booktube. I had read her popular new adult book, Beautiful Disaster last year and wasn’t too impressed but this one sounded interesting and I wanted to try it. It basically follows a zombie apocalypse and how those surviving manage. Sadly, I wasn’t too impressed with this one either but it was a fun read.

God, there’s not many good reviews going on here is there?

I picked up a couple of the Peguin Little Black Classics from a market stall for sixty pence. There were loads to chose from, but I finally decided on A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin, a collection of short stories which I have read, and Leonardo Da Vinci by Giorgio Vasari, which seems to be a bit of history about three celebrated Renaissance Artists.

I picked up the Kate Chopin one based on one of my favourite Youtubers justkissmyfrog. The Awakening by Kate Chopin is one of her favourite books and I wanted to try something by this author. I picked up Leonardo Da Vinci as I went to a press preview during my second year of university for an exhibition of his drawings at a local gallery and have been curious about him ever since.



Supermarkets are a surprisingly brilliant place to pick up new releases, and for really cheap to! I picked up these two when I was visiting my boyfriend.

One Of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus is always being advertised to me on Instagram and I’ll admit that I am very intrigued by the title so I had to pick it up the minute I saw it there.

Amazingly, books at Tesco are often in a two for seven pounds deal so it would have been rude not to pick up The Power by Naomi Alderman as well! I’ve heard a bit of hype around this books and the quote from Margaret Atwood on the front sold it to me. I recently read The Handmaid’s Tale and loved it, so of course I wanted to see what she was interested in!

There we have it, those are my recent bargain book purchases. I love buying books and I love getting a bargain while I’m at it.

Have you picked up any good books lately? Get in touch and let me know, I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Speak soon,




A Modern Take On Classics: Showcase

As I explained in a recent post I have fallen back in love with reading, books and all that good stuff. Which is wonderful, of course, but it has resulted in me wanting to buy more books now I’m back in the loop which isn’t so wonderful for my bank balance.

Nonetheless, one of my favourite ways to obtain new books is by getting them secondhand and that’s how I managed to come across these two wonderful pieces I’m about to show you today.

Although I normally try to avoid ‘novelty’ buys when it comes to books, I couldn’t resist when I saw these two.


Although I totally understand how important classic books are and have enjoyed many that I have read, I do sometimes struggle with them. And because I know they’re going to be a lot of work, I tend to avoid a lot of these kind of books, which results in me missing lots of references.

Although I initially picked these books up as a joke and spent a few minutes by the market stall and in the shop chuckling over the retellings of the stories I had read, I realised that these books could also be quite useful in their own little way.

These two books are wonderful ways to get involved and discover what those of so popular classic books are about, but in a hilarious modern way!


The first one I picked up is Twitterature, by Alexander Aciman and Emmett Rensin. This, as you can tell from the title, is a retelling of various classic tales through the medium of a twitter feed. The bits I’ve read so far have been hilarious, but I’m not sure yet how I’ll feel about the stories I don’t know.


“The classics are so last century” Guardian

Twitterature 3

Currently my favourite feed, Great Expectations from @piMp

Texts From Jane Eyre, by Mallory Ortberg, is very similar but clearly an older publication. And this one has illustrations! It retells a lot of classic and modern classic tales through text messages between characters and I’ve found myself chuckling at a few already.

(My copy is sadly missing it’s dust jacket hence the similar photos but hey, that’s what happens when you shop secondhand sometimes)


do you know who I hate?” “everyone?” “EVERYONE

Texts 2

Texts From Jane Eyre And Other Conversations With Your Favourite Literary Characters

Have you heard of any of these books? Because I was unaware of them until this point. I’m expecting I’ll take my time with them and flick through whenever I need a bit of cheering up, or have failed to understand yet another literature reference!

Do you have any quirky books in your collection? 

I know this was a somewhat unusual post for me, as there’s more images than words, but I fancied showing off these books and wasn’t sure how. I feel like I may do some more showcase posts in the future!

Speak soon,


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How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

I love reading. It’s been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember and I love nothing more than getting lost in another world built by someone’s words. It’s something I even talk about occasionally on here too.

If you’re also a lover of books then you’ll understand the upset and torment I feel when I find myself in a reading slump. It’s such an awful feeling to have suddenly lost the joy from one of your favourite pastimes and is, unfortunately, something that happens more often than I’d like.

However, fortunately for this blog, because I have experienced the reading slump regularly (n fact just pulled myself out of one recently!) I feel like I can actually be of some help to those of you who might be struggling!

Here are the ways I work to pull myself out of a draught and bring myself back to where I want to be – reading:


Abandoning a book can be a difficult thing if you love reading. Trust me I get it. For some reason you feel guilty, because you know that someone somewhere spent hours, days, weeks on that book and the least you could do would be to see it through to the end.

But then I finally saw sense. What’s the point in carrying on reading something that isn’t bringing you joy? There are so many other books out there!

If you’re in a reading slump, chances are it was brought on by something you’ve been reading. That doesn’t mean to say it isn’t a good book or even something that you won’t enjoy eventually, but right now it isn’t working so you might as well stop.

Put the book away and forget about it for now- you can always return later when the time is right. Allow yourself the chance to find something better.


Whenever I’m in a reading slump, I tend to reach for chick-lit because somehow it saves me every time. This is something I only realised recently, but those feel-good, quick reads pull me out of a draught and helps me fall back in love with books again.

Now maybe chick-lit isn’t your thing, but there’s bound to be a genre out there that you love and that you know you enjoy every time. It could be memoir, fantasy, self-help and so on. The list is endless!

Next time you find yourself in a slump, reach for something that’s in your genre of choice and see if it helps. Reading something familiar, that’s still a brand new story, is sure to help you get back on track.


Some reading slumps are so deep that nothing will pull you out in a hurry. So why not listen to yourself and stop reading for a bit?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, so take a break. Leave your books on the shelf and dive into another hobby for the time being. Hopefully after some time away you’ll feel fresh and inspired to begin reading once again!


Booktube is the YouTube community dedicated to reading, with countless of creators making content based on their love of books. I personally think it’s a wonderful space on the internet and is one that has helped me from time to time.

When you’re in a slump have a browse through the various vloggers and bloggers out there who are dedicated to books. Their passion and pure joy for the hobby is sure to inspire you.

They’ll show you what you’ve been missing and you’ll begin to see things in a better light, all of which such get you back into reading once more.

Check out the materials at the end for my favourite booktubers who have helped me.


Similarly to finding a favourite genre, returning to a once loved book can really help you get back into the hobby again.

For me, I will always return to Jacqueline Wilson who was my favourite author growing up. Sure the books are a little young for me now, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less! Returning back into these stories that meant so much to me years ago reminds me how much I actually enjoy reading and motivates me to do it more.

When you can’t seem to find anything new to grab your attention, I urge you to seek out your out favourites and try them once again.


Now, I have to be honest here and say this one isn’t something I have much experience with but I do understand how helpful it can be. Personally, audio books aren’t really my thing (yet!) but if you’re just not into reading at the moment, listening to someone read is a wonderful way to still be engaged in the hobby without doing any of the work!

You could even listen to books you’ve already read previously and see if they feel any different in this format. Audio books may also be a great opportunity for you to discover new stories that you mightn’t have even considered before, as things can be more easily understood if someone else is explaining it to you.

Either way I know audio books have been very helpful to others in the past and they may just work the same for you.

Stephen King

Do you have any tips for getting out of a reading slump? Also, what’s your favourite book?

I feel like I kind of went back into my original type of content today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me know if any of these tips were helpful to you, if you fancy.

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Five Non-Fiction Books To Gift This Christmas

Buying Christmas presents can be a real struggle. You want something that will be perfect, something you hope they’ll love and treasure for a long time. But also, let’s be real, without spending too much money.

Books are such an under-rated gift I feel and are something that can be easily slept on. Okay they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but what better time to introduce someone to the joys of reading than at Christmas? Books can be such a personal gift and something that you can really tailor to suit the person you’re shopping for.

Here are five non-fiction books that I think would make wonderful gifts for various people in your life:

I feel like I’ve talked about this book so many times because it’s impacted me so much since I first read it. This book would be a wonderful gift for pretty much anyone as it talks about issues regarding creativity that I feel like we all face. It’s such an inspirational, positive book that’ll change the life of the reader for the better. To get a better feel for it, I’d recommend you check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk or her podcast, but trust me it would be a brilliant gift!

I’ve already talked about this book too (check it out here) but that’s only because I love it so. It’s another one that will totally change the life and mindset of the reader for the better, and it’s a particularly good one for the women in your life (obviously). Caitlin is such a funny and honest writer which makes this book so an enjoyable one to read. It’s a modern feminist staple that’s so relatable. It’ll make you laugh out loud and if that’s not a good gift to give, then I don’t know what is.


I frigging love Carrie. I’ve been a subscriber of hers for years (see her channel here) because I think she’s such a lovely and honest person. This is her first book and it’s almost like a guide for young people on how to face the tough things in life. Carrie talks about everything from friendship and romance, to self-esteem and the future and it’s such a heart-warming, comforting read. It may be a one for the younger readers in your life, say preteens onwards, but I know it’s something they’ll treasure and remember for years to come.

This one is the perfect gift for the bookworms in your life. Although the hype around this book may have surpassed a little, it’s such a brilliant read and I feel like it will last way beyond it’s years. It’s a collection of essays from various authors, including Zadie Smith, Janette Winterson and Mark Haddon, on the topic of books. There’s discussions on digital readers, libraries and the age-old issue of not having enough time to read as well as many more. It’s basically a celebration of books and reading it really fuels any passion you might have for these little objects. An essential for any bookworm, I’d say!

I’m aware that this one might only be relevant if you have any Miranda Hart fans in you life, but you can take inspiration and seek out any other comedian/actor/entertainer’s book and gift those instead. As someone who is a fan of Miranda I really enjoyed this book and know many other who have too. In a similar manner that Carrie’s All I Know Now, Miranda attempts to guide readers through life’s difficult moments in her own funny little way. It’s another one that will make you laugh out loud and it’s perfect for making you feel less alone.

I hope this helped you last minute shoppers. What books would you like to receive as a gift?

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