Five Tips For Becoming More Body Positive

Body image is a topic that takes up a lot of my time. Not only, like every other person on the planet, is it something I have struggled with since my preteen days but it is also a something that interests me greatly as a subject. I understand how difficult it can be when you’re struggling with your body image. Whether it’s your weight, your skin, your this, your that- everyone is struggling with something and it’s not cool.


You have a right to feel absolutely fantastic about yourself and I think you should feel amazing for being and looking like you. So, today I’m offering some simple but effective tips to help you on your self-love journey.

  • Look At Yourself

Don’t avoid your reflection and instead take a proper look at yourself. You don’t need to say or think anything regarding your body- the main thing is to just look and familiarise yourself with the wonderful, unique situation you have going on. Getting a grasp on what you actually look like, rather than the hideous caricature you think of in your head, is so healthy and will get easier with time.

  • Get (Semi) Naked

Similarly , spending private time naked (or semi-naked) can help you become accustomed to your body. Of course, getting naked isn’t something we can always do. I have recently been spending time at home roaming around in crop tops and shorts, which is fairly revealing. Just by doing this every so often, I have found myself enjoying seeing my own body and becoming increasingly more comfortable with it as the days go on.

  • Wear What You Want

This is such a simple statement but can be a difficult task. I want you to know that regardless of your size or shape, you can literally wear whatever style of clothes you want. If you really like the look of a trend or style, just try it. We all know that this whole ‘dress for you shape’ business is bollocks anyway so go on, I dare you just try it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to wear it again. Be brave, I dare you.

  • Use Social

Social media can be a dangerous place if you’re body-conscious, with perfected images being thrust at us from every angle. But the wonderful thing about it is everyone (well, everyone with a smartphone) can be seen. Although diversity still isn’t there in mainstream media, online so many different people are showing themselves and representing what they have. It can be a great place to recognise that everyone is unique and everyone is wonderful for that reason.

  • Be Inspired, Not Discouraged

Comparing yourself to other people is such a damaging habit and is certainly a hard one to break. But instead of comparing yourself to everyone you see, try to turn that into inspiration. You’re always going to see what other people have and what other people are going, but instead of being negative about it use that energy to be inspired and bring it back to you. You are your number one at this point, so treat yourself like it!

I hope you found this post useful or at the least an interesting read and I wish you all the best of luck on your body positive journeys!

Speak soon,



The Beauty Edit: A Cheeky Drugstore Haul

There seems to be a lot of beauty happening on this blog right now but considering it’s become one of my favourite pastimes once again, I’m not complaining!

Even though I don’t really have a lot of spare cash at the moment I can’t seem to control myself when I see a pretty product, especially when it’s reasonably priced. And with Superdrug’s current 3 for 2 offer going on… Well I couldn’t say no!


edited two.jpg

Loreal Infallible 24hr Foundation in 015 Porcelain, LA Girl Pro Conceal in Classic Ivory & Warm Sand

I absolutely love these products already. I got the LA Girl Concealers from ebay (check out the seller here) and they came the next day. I’ve been experimenting with cream contouring but because I am so pale I had to be careful with the shades. Luckily this one in Warm Sand is perfect for everyday; it’s pretty cool-toned and blends out naturally.

I’ve only tried the foundation once but so far I love it and the shade is perfect for my pale, pink-toned skin. I’m hoping to do a full review once I’ve used it more.


edited one.jpg

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette, Sinful Colours Kylie Jenner Nail Varnish in Mauve On, ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Bill & Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Peach Lights

For some reason I am being drawn to warm, purple shades at the moment despite the fact it’s the middle of summer. Still autumn is my favourite season and I must be missing it!

The ColourPop eyeshadow came from ebay (once again, here’s the seller) although soon they will be shipping internationally from their official website! Anyway this is kind of more purple than I expected- online swatches are never the best- but under other colours as a base it looks beautiful.

This Makeup Revolution palette has my heart. The colours are beautiful and so far all seem pretty pigmented. Again, further reviews should be coming.

edited three.jpg

So that was everything I’ve bought recently and hopefully this will be the last haul for a while as I need to save some money!

If you have an suggestions for other posts please let me know!

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Five Cheap Beauty Picks I’m Loving Right Now

Can we just ignore the fact that I have been absent from this blog for quite some time and jump straight into one of my favourite topics of the moment; beauty. (I am terribly sorry and very disappointed in myself though)

Anyway, I tend to go through phases with hobbies and become either completely obsessed or totally indifferent. And with regards to beauty and makeup and all that fun stuff, I am currently obsessed. Today I wanted to share five products I’m loving at the moment and because I am a cheapskate (the more you save means the more you can buy, right?) they’re all super affordable so you can try them too.



I’ve been using this product for quite some time but I’ve only really started to appreciate it now. I am very pale and this kit looks so pretty and natural on my skin, but because the bronzer is fairly warm toned I can see this looking wonderful on almost anyone. All of the colours blend together so nicely and the highlight is just perfect for that everyday glow. Once more, it’s only £3.50 from Superdrug or their online store!


I have wanted this brush for such a long time as for some reason I have been fascinated with the shape of it. The fact that it is dome-like means you can be really precise with your product and create exactly the look you want. I’m super late to the bandwagon with Real Techniques but I can totally understand the hype!

TIP: Check out your local TG Hughes for some serious savings on these.



The second Makeup Revolution product of this list and my absolute favourite thing right now. I am honestly lost without this as it keeps my makeup on all day. I have always struggled to make any sort of makeup last on my skin, but with this spray it doesn’t budge. I find that even my eyeshadow doesn’t crease when I use this and I have horribly oily eyelids so that always happens! I love this and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for since I first began experimenting with makeup.

You can get it at Superdrug or their online store.


This is by far the cheapest product on this list as it came from Poundland. I have very light blonde eyebrows and I’ve been struggling for ages to find any kind of brow product that isn’t too dark or too orange to use. I bought this pencil on a whim on one of my many trips to the pound shop (its an addiction, I swear) and it’s perfect. It’s pretty much the exact shade of my natural brows which makes it so easy for me to style and shape them. The texture isn’t too creamy but I have found that it is easy to blend out should you make any mistakes. For one pound it’s one of my greatest beauty finds!

NYX: MATTE LIPSTICK (Whipped Caviar)



Like every UK beauty fan I was over the moon when Boots began to stock NYX and knew I had to get my hands on some of their products. This lipstick is something I’ve been eyeing for ages after it was mentioned by one of my favourite vloggers JDRMakeup (see her blog here or search on Youtube) and I was very lucky to get my hands on it. I’ve been loving the matte lip trend and the neutral trend and this product combines the two. Because I am quite pale, this does come up fairly dark on me but still looks natural. It seems to go with every makeup look I try and just gives my face a bit of a ‘boost’ when it’s looking dull.

At £6.50 it is a bit much for what I normally like to pay for a lipstick but the quality is amazing and I’ve been wearing it so much that it’s already paid for itself twice over!


Those were the five products I am loving right now and would be at a total loss without. What are some products you always need to have in your makeup bag?

As always if you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. I’m still learning!

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May Goals

It’s now the beginning of a new month so it’s time to set some new goals. I find that noting things down that I want to get done is a really effective way to ensure that it does happen and this time I’m being a bit more public about it. This way I have to make extra effort to make sure I succeed as it’s out there for anyone to see!

To Do.jpg

  • Focus Focus Focus!

This is my last month of university for this year and I have a couple of deadlines and many more exams that I really want to do my best in. Like everyone I get distracted so easily and procrastinate far too much when it comes to revision or work but because I’m now in the last few weeks I really want to push myself and work extra hard. I don’t have long left and I know if I work extra hard now I’m going to enjoy my summer even more!

  • A Little TLC

Because this is quite a stressful month I want to take extra time to look after myself to ensure I don’t crash and burn. This means anything from face masks to just taking a couple of minutes out to spend on my own.

  • Quality Time

Quite contradictory I want to take some time out for my friends too this month as I can get so caught up in what I’m doing that I often have no time for the people around me. Although spending a lot of time around people is a tiring thing for me, I don’t have long left until summer and I want to make the most of the time I’ve got with the people I currently have around me.

  • Sorting It Out

I have recently started exercising a bit more regularly and this is something I really want to continue.  I have been quite down lately and I think a massive part of this is not feeling particularly comfortable within myself and knowing that I am not looking after my body the way I should be. So I really want to keep up with exercising whenever I can, not necessarily to lose weight or anything but just to feel a bit better about myself!

  • Blogging

Last but not least I really want to keep going with this blog. You may have noticed that I’ve given it a little upgrade and I’m really enjoy messing about with photography and fonts lately. It’s just the motivation I seem to lack but I’m going to push myself this month to keep creating and keep posting!

Lets Do This


What goals do you have for this month?

Speak soon,


Natural Collection: A Basic, Affordable Review

In my last post I said that I had recently purchased four Natural Collection eyeshadows (and a nail varnish). Since then I’ve had time to have a bit of a play with them and I’m here today to review them.

Natural Collection is a brand I used very early on when I first began experimenting with makeup and in all that time it hasn’t changed a bit. Which is a bit of a shame but it did make me feel very nostalgic to be circling the counter once again.




L-R: Milk Chocolate, Heather, Willow & Butterscotch

The eyeshadows I got were; Heather, Milk Chocolate, Willow and Butterscotch and I have been messing on with them pretty much every day since I bought them. They are all lovely, natural colours to wear every day- especially if your everyday life does not permit heavy makeup.

I can also say pretty confidently that the lighter colours (Willow and Butterscotch) are better in both pigmentation and payoff. Although each eyeshadow is only £1.99 there are other brands at the drugstore that do products at a better quality for a similar price.

I also have to say that if you have darker skin, these products may be fairly useless for you. I am a very pale person and the darker shades (Milk Chocolate and Heather) just show up on my skin.


Colour Payoff: Super light and barely there. (Top to bottom: Milk Chocolate, Heather, Willow & Butterscotch) 

That doesn’t mean to say that I wouldn’t recommend these at all. If you’re looking for something light and bright to wear ever day without too much fuss, then these will work for you. As I said in my last post I am not very good with makeup and eyeshadow is definitely a weak spot for me. But as these colours are so light and, in terms of the darker shades, do not have too much of a bold payoff so I found it very easy to create basic looks without worrying about not blending correctly, etc.

The lighter shades are perfect for all over lid colours or highlights. In fact, I have been using Butterscotch as a cheek highlight too every day since I bought it and it’s so lovely. It offers a little sheen and looks beautiful and natural (hence the name!) on the skin giving you just the right amount of glow without being too much.

I feel like this brand and these products are perfect if you’re just starting off with makeup and want to slowly bring it into your routine. All of the shades are super natural and are perfect for everyday wear. Plus at £1.99 a pop they’re not going to break the bank!



Nail Colour in Praline (2 coats)

With the mixed views surrounding the eyeshadows I was super surprised to find that I loved the nail varnish. It is fairly opaque in just one coat and dries pretty quickly. It did chip fairly quickly, but all nail varnishes do for me, and a top coat is sure to fix that issue!

All products are available at:


Have you tried Natural Collection? What other drugstore brands would you recommend?

Speak soon,



The Beauty Edit: A Cheap, Glowing Haul

Not only is this my first post in a very long time but it’s also something that this blog has never seen. But I’m a big beauty fan and wanted to introduce this part of me today.

I have zero talent in the area but I love playing around with makeup and recently my obsession for the stuff has come back with a vengeance. So today I thought I’d treat myself once again (come on, it’s exam season!) and buy myself some little beauty bits. But as I am a) a student and b) a natural cheapskate I didn’t even hesitate to rely on my local Boots and Superdrug to supply me with some much sought over goodies!


The Whole Lot: Makeup Revolution Pro-Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray; Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in #1 Naked; Collection Prime and Ready Eye Concealer; Natural Collection Eyeshadows in Heather, Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch & Willow; Natural Collection Polish in Praline; MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility.


Natural Collection is a brand I used to love when I was about thirteen and had just started to play with makeup as it is so affordable! But I’m sad to say I’d all but forgotten about it until recently. The brand may not be everyone’s favourite but it’s super cheap and accessible and some of the colours are just so pretty!

I am yet to test any of these products out but reviews may come in the future if that is what you would like to see.

What are some of your favourite drugstore brands?

Speak soon,